Événements automatisés

  • Dear players,

    This topic will guide you through the automated events, i.e. automatically triggered by the game at a fixed time of the day.

    We remind you that there are also events that follow a schedule established each month.

    Events planning

    Worea team wishes you a lot of fun!

  • L'Event Pêche

    • It is triggered every evening at around 6pm and lasts about 30 minutes.
    • Takes place on channel 1 at the Oasis, in the desert.
    • The goal is to catch the biggest fish possible and bring it to the Fisherman.
    • It is not possible to register the same fish twice on the same day or even on another day (even if you give it to another character).
    • The 3 players at the top of the ranking (based on the size of the fishes returned) will be rewarded with one or more random up items and some Yang.
    • Once the event is over talk to the Fisherman to retrieve your reward (Yang & item)
      • The 1st in the ranking wins a Dragon Coins Voucher (100) in addition to the basic reward.
    • The length of the fish is indicated on its description

    If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask a staff member!

  • Dear players,

    The last update (Patchnotes : 23/10/2019) allowed the implementation of the automation for the two following events:

    Moonlight Treasure Chest Event which will start every Tuesday at 5pm and end at midnight.

    Hexagonal Treasure Chest Event which will start every Thursday at 5pm and end at midnight.

    Sincerely yours,

    Worea Team

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