Guild presentation rules

  • Dear players,

    The "Guild" section allows you to deal with all matters that revolve around guilds. In this section, you will be able to present your guild and thus make it known whether or not you recruit players.

    The section, like all the sections contained on the forum, follows the general regulations, the following rules are added :

    • Your title presentation must be in this format : [EMPIRE-ON/OFF] NAME_GUILD. For example : [CHUNJO-OFF] TeamWorea. ON-OFF means if your guild recruits or not.
    • Flooding is not allowed. In the section, either you update your presentation or you make a proposal (the answers can be given on the subject, by private message, InGame or on discord). This section is not there to discuss of the behavior of a player or a guild.
    • In the section, to facilitate recruitment for some, give as much detail as possible about your guild (such as the nickname of the leader, the minimum level to be recruited, the number of players and the average level, activities, etc.).
    • Up in the recruitment sections is authorized, one up per day. You can ask to a Team Worea member to clean up the old ups that pollute your presentation.

    We wish you a great game on Worea and a reign as long as possible ! :evil:

    Team Worea,

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