Patchnotes : 14/06/2020 International

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    Dear players,

    This update is one of the most important we have done so far, we hope it gives you a maximum of hype, enjoy reading it!


    A high-performance multi-language system has been setup that allows us to translate the entire game into any desired language.

    We also used this same system to translate the game into English. Worea is now available in English in addition to French.

    German, Romanian, Turkish and Polish are already being considered and will be added to the game in future updates.

    English language addition :

    • Full translation of the game.
    • Language flag has been added in addition to the empire flag in the general chat.
    • Language and empire flags have been added to the private messages window.
    • Item names are in the language you selected.
    • Items attached in the chat and in private messages are in the language you selected and not in the language of the person who attached the item.
    • Quests are in the language you selected.
    • Announcements in the in-game chat are exclusively in English at the moment.

    Miscellaneous additions :

    • Decoration changes, make way for the Summer Kingdoms :
    • Game detection on discord :
      • To support us activate the discord feature "Game Activity" to show your activity on Worea!
      • Your discord will automatically indicate that you are on the best game, i.e. on Worea!
      • Your game activity on Worea will come in this form:


    • Account Backup :
      • The limits have been lifted! You can now save as many accounts as you want on the login screen.


    • Shop search :
      • Correction of the shop search window for localization and language settings other than French - France.
      • Fixed at the same time the search for some items such as "Armor Plan: Helmet" that could only be searched by copying and pasting.
    • Guild creation :
      • The amount of 200k needed to create a guild being too ridiculous, it has been increased.
      • La création d'une guilde nécessitera désormais 50.000.000 Yangs.
    • Training Leader :
      • You can now exchange all your battle points at once. (effective since the last update)
    • Safe zone :
      • Collisions between actors (players or NPCs) have been disabled in safe zone.
    • Announcement bar :
      • Up to date of the announcement bar! You'll notice it the first time you log in.
    • Vote bonus :
      • Up to date of the Vote bonus effect icon.


    • Craft all :
      • Come back of " All craft " button with a limit of 250 iterations per click !
    • Mounts :
      • Fixed motion bug after being attacked on a mount.
    • Dispel in PVM :
      • Fixed the Dispel skill that removed almost all defenses from targeted monsters. Now this spell will only work on monsters with a rank of 3 or less.

    Closing words : Feel free to support us, promote Worea and share Worea with all your friends and acquaintances!

    Wishing you a great time playing on Worea,

    Worea Team

    579-fr-png Version Française

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