[EN] Halloween 2020 (+ Anniversary)

  • Information

    First of all we would like to remind you some useful information concerning the events organized this month of October 2020:

    • The Double Reward Vote event is active for the whole month of October, we are counting on your support!
    • Take advantage of the "rates" event (increase of experience rate, objects and yangs) every night from 5pm to 11pm from Saturday October 17th to Sunday November 8th included!
    • You will receive a 30% Dragon Coins bonus for any top-up made between Saturday, October 17th and Sunday, November 1st (included) every day and a 50% bonus on weekend nights.
    • By participating in the Halloween event you will be able to obtain exclusive (and permanent) cosmetic items that will no longer be available in-game once the event is over (these items are not and will not be available in the ItemShop, you will find other exclusive items in the ItemShop).

    Anniversary event (Halloween edition)

    Pumpkinface is terrorizing Worea, it's up to you to eliminate it!

    • There is only one Pumpkinface per channel appearing at random positions in the following areas:
      • Seungryong Valley
      • Doyyumhwan
      • Mount Sohan
      • Yongbi Desert
    • An announcement will keep you informed of the spawn or death of Pumpkinface on each channel.
    • When he is defeated Pumpkinface drops some bonus items and spawns 3 Halloween Barrels.
    • Find the correct barrel and collect the following additional rewards (also released by Pumpkinface) :
      • Halloween Pumpkin
      • Magic Wand
      • Pumpkin chest
      • Bag of candy
      • Halloween Scroll
      • Pumpkin Lantern

    Each attack on Pumpkinface gives you 1 point.

    ( Warning: to receive your points you must be nearby when this one is killed - otherwise the points on the current monster will be lost).

    You must be level 45 or higher to collect points.

    • The total points displayed (under the lifebar of the boss) is in relation to the boss you are currently attacking.
    • The total amount of points collected is available at Mr. B.
    • Redeem your points for a chest and a Anniversary Coin
    • Decimus Chest (bronze) : 500 points
    • Decimus Chest (silver) : 1000 points
    • Decimus Chest (golden) : 2000 points


    Located in village 1 of each empire.

    During the event you will be able to pick up a free pet with various bonuses at Cherie. By killing monsters you'll drop Party Flag redeemable at Cherie for a Slice of Cake (which will give you 100% EXP for 30 minutes) or for Anniversary Coins which will give you access to crazier rewards at the Anniversary Merchant!

    Anniversary Merchant

    Located in village 1 of each empire.

    Make rings with significant bonuses in PvP and PvE at Anniversary Merchant

    • Lollipop
    • Ring of Joy
    • Ring of despair
    • Amulet of Eternal Love
    • Ring of Will Power
    • Ring of Deadly Power
    • Halloween Lollipop
    • Crescent Moon Ring

    All items have a 100% chance of success.

    Halloween Event

    Jack Pumpkin

    Located in village 1 of each empire.

    Make the items listed below at Jack Pumpkin

    • Costumes
    • Hairstyles
    • Weapon appearance
    • Pets
    • Mounts

    All cosmetic items available at Jack Pumpkin will only be available through participation in this event (not available in ItemShop).

    All items have a 100% chance of success.

    Halloween Monsters

    • Appear randomly in the Metin Stones by groups of 3
    • Their level is close to the level of the metin stone which makes them appear.
    • The higher their level, the more likely you are to get Pumpkin seed

    Where and how to get the different objects

    Halloween Pumpkin

    • Is obtained on all the monsters, prefer to hunt in the zones with strong density of monsters to optimize your drop.

    Magic Wand

    • Can be obtained on Metin stones and Boss.

    Halloween Chest

    • Is obtained by using a Magic Wand (right click), you must also possess a Halloween Pumpkin which will also be consumed in the making of the chest.

    Pumpkin seed

    • Is obtained on Metin Stones and Halloween Monsters (which appear randomly in Metin Stones)

    Halloween Scroll

    • Can be obtained in Halloween Chest, Pumpkin Seed, on Pumpkinface and Halloween Barrels

    Pumpkin Lantern

    • Can be obtained in Pumpkin Seed, on Pumpkinface and Halloween Barrels

    Pumpkin chest

    • Can be crafted at Jack Pumpkin with
      • Halloween Pumpkin (x15)
      • Pumpkin Seed (x1)
      • Halloween Scroll (x1)
      • Pumpkin Lantern

    Bag of candy

    • Can be crafted at Jack Pumpkin with
      • Halloween Pumpkin (x15)
      • Pumpkin Seed (x1)
      • Halloween Scroll (x1)
      • Magic wand

    Cosmetic voucher weapon , armour , helmet

    • Can be obtained in Pumpkin chest

    Cosmetic voucher mount , pet , sash , Jewellery Design

    • Can be obtained in Bag of candy

    Exhaustive contents of the chests

    Decimus Chest (bronze)

    Decimus Chest (silver)

    Decimus Chest (golden)

    Halloween Chest

    Pumpkin seed

    Pumpkin chest

    Bag of candy

    Wishing you an excellent event,

    Worea Team