How to use our translation tool

  • Dear players,

    You will find in this guide all the information you need to use our translation tool (

    1. How to get an account on Worea - Translate :

    In order to get access to our translation tool to start translating the game you need to contact a member of the team and request the creation of your account.

    2. Your first login :

    When you log in for the first time you will be on this page.


    3. To start translating :

    • Click on "Quests" to get to this page:


    • Click on the name of one of the quests, e.g. "quest-anniversary_event" which is in the first position :


    You will get to the next page :


    • Choose the language in which you want to translate this quest, for the example I will select German, I click on "Translate":


    • Enter the translation you propose in the "German" field and suggest your translation by pressing the "Suggest" button.


    • Once this suggestion is made, you will automatically be directed to the next translation, you can follow the translation you are on from the top left panel :


    Once the translations of your choice have been suggested, you can move on to another quest and so on until the quests are fully translated (in German in our example).

    579-fr-png Version Française